What Are The Important Features You Must Integrate Into Your On-Demand Food Application?

On-Demand Food Application
In this busy world, one thing that is most important for any business is the speed. No one wants to wait for anything due to the tight schedule. In this scenario on-demands apps are the most demanding apps, every industry tries to deliver the goods and services at the doorstep.

After witnessing the success of on-demand apps every business wants to build on-demand apps and food delivery is the best option to explore the world of on-demand. If you analyze the current market situation, you find that there are two types of on-demand food delivery apps dominating.

  • The aggregator model
  • Food delivery platform with logistic support

Let's take a brief look at these on-demand food delivery app.

The Aggregator Model

This model is based on the traditional system of food delivery, in which the third party provides a platform for the customers to explore the restaurants and their menu cards. After the confirmation of the order, information passed on to the restaurants and then the food delivery is the responsibility restaurant.

Food delivery platform with logistic support

This type of on-demand food delivery app is preferred by the restaurants because this model brings lots of profit. In this model, third-party apps provide the platform to the users to explore the restaurants and their menu cards and the food delivery is also handled by the third party. Now restaurants have only one responsibility of preparing the foods.

Let's discuss the important features that you must integrate into your on-demand food app.


Data is the most part of on-demand food apps, that attract most of the users. Add more restaurants, menus, ingredients, nutritional content, calories, etc. more data you add in your app the more interested and engaged a user is going to be.

Online Payment Integration

Integrating the online payment gateway is the most important part of your app because this feature provides the privilege to your users not to worry about having enough cash in their wallet. Allow your users to make the payment through the credit card, debit card, net banking, or other online wallets.

Estimated time of delivery

Everyone wants to know the deadlines that help them to get prepared in the given time period. In earlier days it is not easy to calculate the approximate time but now in the time of Machine Learning, it is not a very complicated task. You can easily calculate the estimated arrival.


It is the most important feature for the on-demand food apps. From the users point of view, they can track their food and suggest the best way if necessary. For restaurants, they can provide instant help if an emergency occurs.

Reviews and Ratings

Generally, food delivery apps hire freelance drivers or delivery personnel who are professionals but they also need monitoring to ensure that they are doing a good job. The best way to accomplish this task is the user reviews. On the basis of these ratings, app owners take decision about the delivery person.

These are the few most important features that you must integrate into your on-demand food application. There are many other features also that you can integrate into your application like chat. It is not easy to design on demand apps but you can achieve the best on-demand app with Fifium. If you are searching for the application development company in UK, then contact us. We are expert in designing and developing the mobile application for both iOS and Android platform.