What Are The Methods To Improve User Engagement?

improve user engagement
Now people have numbers of mobile apps in their smartphones and devices, and this is the most common reason for apps being lost in such a competitive world. Businesses use mobile applications to increase their sales and improve user engagement, but some businesses fail to impress their users.

We can say that creating mobile applications are not sufficient for the success of mobile applications. Today mobile apps are not just a device for communication, they have become a need for people to perform several tasks. The major part of the interaction between the mobile app and users depends on the design of the app. The user engagement is very important for mobile apps to be successful. Here are some points that can help retain user engagement on your app.

Simple Sign Up

The sign up is the first action you ask your user to perform. In the world of instant immediate response, users don’t like to wait so, maintain fewer sign-up steps. Don’t ask much information and there is no need to explain everything at the beginning, let the users explore the functionalities of apps. You can also replace text with icons and image for keeping functionalities simple. This will give users easy and quick access to the mobile app, that can boost the user engagement.


If your app is for entertainment, you can add some rewarding element to your app. It will help you increase the engagement from the user base. You can make an ordinary task more interesting in your app.

Push Notification

If your users are not revisiting your app then you must remind them. Push notification is the best way to send reminders. If your user forgot to use your application that doesn't mean that he or she dislikes your application may he or she is so busy in their work. So, just send a notification as a reminder.

Improves Performance

The execution of the application is the major factor that decides the connection between users and your app. It is possible, that if users face issues with the app they may uninstall it or move to other application. Use testing tools to measure performance and test page load time.

Videos for promotion

Use videos for promotion to cause the emotional response towards the brand. Videos are effective methods to pass on information and emotional messages. Videos can establish a close relationship between users and brands.

Pay Attention to Small Touches

The real impact can be made by small details on your mobile app. You can make small touches more interesting and engaging. The small icon gives you the opportunity to display the ability of the mobile app. If users click on any button, does the icon get filled? Does the heart shrink into a smaller one? These simple and small functionalities leave a long-lasting impression on users.

Seek Efficiency

These days, the bar for UX is very high. Design simple UX so that users can navigate quickly and efficiently. Mobile app development agency suggests not to add any unnecessary feature or step, as you can include those options later.

These are the few methods to increase the user's engagement with your mobile applications. You can do many things to improve user engagement and you can figure out them by researching and analyzing your mobile app. We at Fifium, understand the importance of user engagement and provide the best Android and iOS app development service in UK. If you have any idea and want a mobile app then contact us, we understand your idea and build a successful mobile application, that helps you to achieve the new heights of success. Contact us now.