What Features Your Hotel Mobile App Must Have?

25 Oct 2018
Hotel Mobile App
From ages, travelling is a popular source of joy and relaxation. People love to go on vacation and spend time in leisure and accommodation is an intrinsic part of traveling. That is why millions of hotel and resorts have been established over the world. There is no dearth of luxurious and classy hotels and almost every traveler wants to relish the comfort and hospitality of these lavishing hotels.

Hotel booking practice has shifted from immediate booking to pre-booking. Now people are booking hotels online. However, the most recent shift experienced by travelers is the arrival of mobile apps for hotel booking. There is a tough competition among hotel owners due to the digital market. Now customers have become choosy and don’t want to book any random hotel without ensuring the amenities and quality of services.

The arrival of hotel mobile apps has changed the overall concept of hotel booking. Now, they focus on everything and then make a booking. If You are thinking to create a hotel booking app then here are some must have features you shouldn’t avoid. The list of hotel mobile app features is given underneath:

Hotel Booking
The most basic concept of hotel mobile apps is hotel booking, it allows users to make a reservation of hotel room. Before heading for a trip, every traveler's top priority is the hotel room booking. Android and iOS app development companies make sure that users can book the hotel easily. The booking process page should be user-friendly and must entail multiple room booking option.

Feature to check interior of hotel and rooms
Your app must have the option to check the interior of the hotel and available rooms, it can help users understand the interior of the hotel and amenities provided by the hotel. You can achieve this by adding a photo gallery, maps, social media button and more. It is very important because users want to check the ambience of the hotels before booking.

Selection of Inclusions
You can add an option in your apps by which the users can choose the inclusions such as meal, drinks and other at the time of booking. It will enable the users to control their expenses and use of services.

Payment Mode
Payment is an important part of the hotel booking process, there are many mobile apps which allow payment through online wallets and payment gateways such as Credit/Debit Card, Braintree, PayPal, and Stripe. You must choose an easy and efficient payment mode so that users will not face any difficulty in making payment. Many hotel apps allow users to add money in app wallet and give discounts & deals on bookings. Except these, some apps are fused with on- arrival payment option for the convenience of travelers.

Cancellation Request
In case, the users want to cancel the booking, your app must have the feature for cancellation request submission. Cancellation request submission feature allows users to send a booking cancellation request. This feature can earn the trust of your users and benefit them.

Online Receipt
Payment receipt are always matter of concern, you must ensure that your users get the receipt on their mobile so that users can show it to the hotel, upon the arrival.

It is a very smart feature currently available in a few apps, by using a chatbot,users can communicate with the hotel staff and get the relevant information.

City Tour Guide
A city tour guide feature can be an added advantage for your app. Using this feature user can know about the popular and worth visiting places, local transportation mediums, markets, and more.

Integrated Multiple Language Support
Multiple language support feature can help international users to choose the preferred language for using the app services.

Weather Forecasting
Weather is always a serious concern for the travelers if they are planning to visit a city they always worry about the weather.  Weather forecasting feature informs the users about the current and future weather situation of the city so that they can plan their trip accordingly.

User Interface Design
The user-interface design of your app should be simple but enticing. You must ensure that users can easily navigate throughout the app. The design should be instinctive and each functionally should be clearly defined. The selection of background colors and app icon should be precise because It helps in engaging users. Moreover, the videos and images must have a realistic view.

While delineating out the design and structure of your hotel mobile app, you should be very specific and clear. The excessive inclusion of information, that cannot do any good may lead to poor user experience. Mobile app developer faces several challenges regarding the design and user experience of the app. There is a lot to do with the design of your app such as banners, buttons, and captions. You must pick a soothing app design except for the obvious alluring hotel and landscape pictures.

The use of augmented reality and virtual reality technology in your app can also transform the way of user experience. You can delight your user with a virtual reality tour of hotels and destinations.  Last but not the least inclusion of transportation medium such as flight and train booking services can make your app one-stop solution. Pick at least few from the mentioned features, to get an amazing hotel mobile app.

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