What Your Users Want From a Mobile App

28 Nov 2017

Developing an app is successful only, when the users accept it with open hands, and to make that happen is not an easy task at all. With more and more businesses getting inclined towards the mobile app development company, there are numerous mobile apps stored in the app stores, and due to the availability of endless mobile apps, the wants of the users have become more and more particular. In this crowded marketplace, it is difficult for the businesses, to stand out, and if they are trying to get recognized, after ignoring what their users want from their app, then they are completely going in a wrong direction. Developing an app, without analyzing what the users are looking for, is simply wasting time, money, and efforts.

In the race of attaining success, every business is taking an active part, and unknowingly ignoring the wants of their users. The success of an app revolves completely around the users, and ignoring what the users want from your app, can be problematic for you. There are numerous factors that go into determining, how successful your app will be, but an understanding of a few of the basic things that the users want and expect, can help start you off on the right foot.

In this blog, we will help you to identify what your users actually want from your mobile app, and considering these points will surely help you, to develop an app that your users will love.

• App Utility

The users will never like an app that serves every purpose, other than what they are looking for, and the users’ disliking for the app, ultimately results in uninstalling the app. While marketing, the businesses showcase all the features and functionalities of the app, but unfortunately, they miss to showcase, how these features will help the users, in simplifying their daily routine. It is obvious, that if your user is unable to connect with your mobile app at the very first sight, then he/she will surely uninstall the app immediately. If the user is unable to utilize the app, he/she will not think even twice while switching to another app, and then the features and functionalities of the app are of no use. So, make sure that while promoting your app, you clearly portray how your users can benefit from the features of the app.

• Appearance Matters A Lot

All of us are aware of the fierce competition in the mobile app industry. There are countless apps lying in the app store, but hardly a few of them are successful in getting the attention of larger user base. The app’s appearance matters a lot for the users. They basically judge the app from its appearance; this is the reason why most of the apps are dumped in the app stores. All of us agree to the fact that the features and the functionalities of the app, are the basic requirements, but we cannot even deny the importance of the great appearance of the app. Thus, if you don’t want your app to be dumped in the app store, then you are required to invest some time and money in the color scheme, content placing, icon, and every other minute aspect, which will help your app to grab the attention of the users.

• App Functionality

It is a fact that the functionalities are a significant part of the mobile app. The users demand something unique, and if your app functionalities are not different from the others that already exist in the market, then your app is not having anything special to sell itself. Thus, in order to increase your app’s demand in the market, make sure that your app consists of unique functionalities, which your competitors cannot even think of.

• App Performance

What matters the most is the app’s performance. When your user decides to download your app, what he/she expects other than the above-mentioned points, is that the app will perform well. App crashes, bugs, and unnecessary adverts, can be the culprit behind the app’s failure. Thus, if you want to save your app from becoming the victim of rejection, then ensure that you invest more than enough time in testing the app on various devices, also you need to keep in mind that you are not putting the ads at least in the very first version of your app. All these measures will surely help your app to perform well.

• User Interface

I agree that it would be tempting to clutter your UI with features and make it flashy, but the businesses and the mobile app developer need to understand that, a complex user interface will ultimately lead to the app’s failure. Not every user is technical; they often get annoyed when their phones are full of complicated visual stimulations. The users prefer simplicity, and they expect to access your app with an ease, they do not like to spend an hour trying to figure out how an app works. Thus, don’t make an app that you want, rather develop an app that the users want.

The success or failure of your app depends on the very first impression, which the users get from your app, and you can win the hearts, only if you work from the user’s perspective. The businesses cannot afford to miss, what the users want from their app, as the users are the ultimate judge, who will decide the future of the app. Thus, take into account what users want from your app, and then no one can question your app’s success.

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