Why Android App development is so popular

11 Oct 2017
Android app udvikling

In this technical world, it is rare to find a person without a smartphone, and for the common people the smartphone usually means the Android, which has made it possible for the Android to mark its presence all over the world, and with each passing day, tremendous growth is perceived in the Android apps. These Android applications can be used by every business to fulfill its requirements, and connect with the targeted audience, which is making the Android apps as well as the Android App development so popular. Today the Android is one of the leading platform and the touch screen operating systems, for which the Android developers are investing their valuable time and creating a tremendous app.

The Android market is booming and a lot of companies are coming up with the latest version of Android gadgets and smartphones, which is also making the Android app development so popular. Hence, there are various factors leading to the popularity of the Android App development, let us analyze a few of them.

  • Global partnerships and large installed base

Every day numerous new devices based on the Android platforms are activated worldwide, making Android the world's most popular mobile app platform. The Android platform is a free operating system that gives you every facility, serving every kind of app from weather telling to the app that gives information about the share market. An Android’s source code is open, allowing everybody to edit it for their device and make the apps in Google Play, and also ensuring the developers to build powerful, differentiated applications that use the latest mobile technologies. The openness of the Android platform has made it a favorite for the users and the developers, driving strong growth in app consumption. Since it is open source, it can be liberally extended as new technologies emerge.

  • Swift innovations

The Android platform allows swift innovations in App development, by continually pushing the boundaries of hardware and software forward, to bring new capabilities to the users and the developers. For the Android developers, the rapid evolution of the technology enables to stay in front with the powerful, latest and differentiated products. The Android platform gives access to the latest technologies and rapid innovations and offers easier to use user-interface and rich portfolio of applications. This feature helps the developers to transform the app development, according to the prevailing market trends.

  • Powerful development framework

We all have heard how difficult, time-consuming and expensive it is to make apps, but the Android offers a variety of powerful development framework, making the App development easier and quicker for the Android developers. The Android chose to embrace the concept of a flexible and customizable platform that attracts the app developers, as it gives you everything you need to build the best app experiences; also it gives you a single application model that lets you deploy your apps broadly to millions of users across a wide range of devices.

  • Open marketplace for distributing apps

Being an open platform, the Android offers choice, as you can distribute apps to the users in any way you want, using any distribution approach or combination of approaches that meet your needs. The Google Play is the premier marketplace for selling and distributing the Android apps, and by publishing your app on Google play, you are able to reach the huge installed base of Android, as well as it puts you in control of how you sell your products. It also enables you to distribute broadly to all the markets and devices or focus on the specific segments, devices, or ranges of hardware capabilities.

There are many other reasons why the Android app development is so popular like:

  • The cost of simple Android app development and custom Android app development is less and rate of return is high, due to which the demand for the Android app development has increased.
  • It also offers tools for creating apps that look great and takes advantage of the hardware capabilities available on each device.
  • You can also monetize in the way that works best for your business of Android app development like priced or free, with in-app products or subscriptions etc., leading to highest engagement and revenues.
  • The software development kit (SDK) includes code for mature apps, making the development process easy for the Android developers.

The Android is a platform that has consumed the heading piece of the overall industry in record time, as this is the prevailing market trend, which more and more people are adopting, also it has been noted that the Android application development is more acceptable and cost-effective, which is the reason behind its popularity. Everyday Android is growing faster and today it is one of the leading mobile platforms in the world, therefore, grab the opportunity to reach the targeted audience through the leading mobile platform, by getting in touch with FIFIUM a reputed Android app development company in Denmark, with the finest Android app developers. It is important to hire the best Android developer, in order to embrace your business with a successful mobile app solution, and hiring FIFIUM will be your best decision. Our team will surely provide you the best and enjoyable experience. You can get in touch with FIFIUM to bring your concept into reality. This discussion will surely help you to get a better insight for your Android app requirement.

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