Why App Development Cost Should Not be Your Priority?

24 Apr 2018

When my friend decided to proceed with the mobile app platform, she discussed her app concept with many app development companies and none could meet her requirements, which was little shocking, but her selection process kept on moving for a month or two and finally she chose one app development company and it has been almost 16 months, but yet her mobile app is not ready.

I met her last weekend and she sounded distressed and frustrated since the entire planning of initiating an expansion of a successful business was put on hold, due to the unavailability of a mobile app. When she started to discuss her problem, I casually asked her that what exactly her mobile app concept was and on hearing her I found it quite simple…(I could analyze it since I am a coder J), then my ultimate reaction was that then why your mobile couldn’t be completed? Her instant reaction was that it was due to this app company only that my app is stuck is unable to get launched.

I was taken aback for a while and waited for few more minutes in the rapt attention, so she can conclude, but this is all what she said and forced me to ask then why you chose them, to which she said, ‘my first question with their Business Head was, What does it cost to make an app, and he gave me the least app cost, compared to other companies, which instantly made me pick them up.’

OHHH, so this was the story, that’s how she fell into the trap and chose a wrong option for herself…

Did I just mention a TRAP, yes I did, with every possible reason behind it , falling for a least charging app development company is nothing but a trap, which many business owners fall for blindly, since their main and the primary concern with the app development process involves with What does it cost to make an app, which is absolutely wrong aspect and it creates the ruckus further.

Just like my friend, there are many out there who are completely shackled by this bish and often pay the price with different results. With this post, I want to bring your attention towards the number of reasons that why you must not focus on app cost, because….let’s read ahead

Inefficiency At Its Peak

Your mobile app development is a process, which requires the different technologies’ integration and it can be implemented out of fluke or by someone who has 0 experience in handling different technologies, rather you need a company which must dictate the high-level of technical proficiency to handle your app requirements, so picking a naïve app company with no relevant experience just for the sake of less cost is not a prudent decision.

Inexperienced Enough To Handle Tech Challenges

You would be shocked to know that every mobile app development process has its own challenges which have to be met through the expert hands of the app developer, but if your mobile app developer has not much experience then there are very fair chances that your app development process would get stuck in between.

On the other hand for a trained and experienced mobile app developer handing these challenges is not a new thing, and they can manage the tech challenges with their gained exposure throughout the years.

Inability To Bring Innovation

Your app can only survive in the business when it is able to offer something extraordinary to the users, but if your mobile app, fails to create that magic then we know what happens next. To beat this issue, the exposure and the technical experience of your mobile app developer comes handy, wherein they can evolve the app design or the functionality depending upon the users’ demands.

But this aspect is completely neglected when you decide to proceed with a least costing app development company and shuts down every door for further improvement.

I really hope that these tips would help you gain the information, and you would not end up becoming a fool.

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