Why Developing Apps for Android Is Important

31 Oct 2017

Android mobile phone from Google is selling off the shelves like crazy, and the Android users are expected to increase because of the advanced changes of operating systems. The Android app development has become an important aspect for the businesses, and the reason behind this is, that the Android phones are spread all around the world in no time. The apps developed by the Android Developer, are considered as icing on the cake for Android smartphones and acknowledged due to simple and effective design. The Android developers work hard to ensure that the app is produced according to prerequisites of the clients.

The Android app ecosystem is diverse and its usage is changing the lives. Thus, regardless of the number of applications resting in the Android app store, the Android app development is in huge demand. More apps are being added each day, as more and more businesses are realizing the importance of having Android mobile applications. There are numerous reasons proving the worth of Android applications. Let us take a look at some of the reasons that make it necessary for every business to have an Android app.

  • Low barriers to entry- In the Android app development, there are very low barriers to entry, making it convenient for the developers to enter the market and develop Android applications.
  • Easy app approval process- The Android app development ensures easy app approval process. The developers need not be concerned regarding the approval procedure, as the app approval is very easy, unlike the Apple app store that rejects to approve any app not complying with its guidelines.
  • More opportunity for the developers- The Android offers numerous opportunities to the developers, which the other platforms lack. It permits the developers to show their talents and works efficiently and effectively.
  • High returns on the investment- The major factor that proves the worth of Android is the return on investment. The Android app development ensures high returns with low investment, which the businesses usually urge for.
  • Huge audience-  With the immense popularity of Android phones, the Android application permits the businesses to serve a large audience as compared to any other platform. Android phones are one of the most selling smartphones in no time, allowing the businesses to reach a huge audience.
  • Customizable UI- The UI is one of the most important aspects of the mobile applications, and the Android allows customization of the user interface, making it user-friendly.
  • Freedom and innovation- The Android is a platform that allows the developers to think and develop innovative and unique applications. It gives the developers the freedom to develop as per their choices and preferences.
  • Hardware compatible- The Android apps run on devices from different manufacturers with varied hardware configurations. This ensures that they offer great performance to the users irrespective of the device they use.
  • Market fragmentation- While fragmentation poses challenges for the developers, it also offers an equally lucrative opportunity for the businesses. No other mobile operating system powers devices in every segment of the market and this means a mass market at disposal.
  • Low investment- The Android app development involves low investment, as it is open source.
  • Secured platform- The Android is highly secured platform. With frequent security updates, the Android is becoming the first preference of the businesses.
  • Open source- Being open source, the Android allows the developers work freely. The Android is the only platform that allows the developers to work according to their own preferences and create unique applications.

The list of points proving the importance of Android development is never-ending. We have witnessed a massive proliferation in the use of mobile apps, particularly in the developing countries. The companies need to have the Android development strategy in place so that they can enter into these markets effectively and quickly.

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