Why You have to Follow UI Trends and Redesign Your App?

12 Sep 2018
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You never get another opportunity to establish the first connection. This is the one reason why UI configuration is so important for any product or service. This is the thing that potential customers see when they open mobile application for the first time. It's a face of your business, your UI.

Google has estimated that 26% of all introduced applications are open just once. There are various reasons behind that, however, the most critical one is a terrible UI. To make an extremely attractive UI, you have to choose the most recent UI patterns. Otherwise, your app is outdated, which can just irritate your customers.

Reasons to keep up with UI trends

UI trends are intended not only to satisfy users' requirements but give them with the high level of usability. So, if you follow these trends carefully you'll get happier users.

Affects frame of mind

There are a lot of researches about colors that show how they influence individuals' frame of mind. Some make us energetic and some the other way around formal. At the point when customers see a charming picture, they can even feel happy without paying attention to it. This is our job, we need our clients to feel happy or feel peace and enthusiastic when they open our application. If you want, that the users engage with your app for a long time then you have to make your app visually attractive.

Build Trust

If your mobile application looks extremely professional and cleaned, clients will count on you more. Customers trust you, if you take care of your app appearance as well as your product and services. That is the manner by which you'll get greater trustworthiness.

Design Processes

One of the greatest standards in a design development process is to make the interface perfect and organized. In such a case, there is anything but difficult to utilize. Why? Since such design decreases the need to process data physically. More information is prepared consequently which reduces the time and customers stress.

Some major trends of UI design


Huge features, attractive text styles. All Information squares are organized entirely on the framework, the animation changes easily. There is a chance that you apply this UI design, the app will look exceptionally appealing even without other substance, similar to pictures or video. The Typography would be simply the content. In 2018 the mix of Typography and animation will turn out to be significantly more famous.


WebGL is a JavaScript library for rendering 3D designs. Its application promises you a fast page loading. Additionally, it enables you to utilize strange types of cooperation with customers on your app.


Great video is basically an awesome thought for your app, but now you can utilize it like never before. Videos work far better than animations to gain customers attention. We can state for beyond any doubt that video content will end up much more well known than the photography. It is also easy to share and download the videos. Thus, it is an excellent idea compared to other UI patterns to draw in customers to your app as well as to your brand and business also.

Let's consider why your mobile app may require redesign.

Various functions on the single page

On the off chance that your presentation page or a screen in your application is loaded with various elements, functions, and different components this is the reason behind why you are frequently losing your potential customers. In the case you don't understand, ask your customerss. Request that they rate your product and tell what they like and don't like about it. Your customers give you the most accurate reviews about your product.

To stay in the competition

There are millions of apps in the Google play store and Apple app store. Consistently new, wonderful products show up, which implies that you need to work extremely hard to remain in the competition. In the case that you investigate probably the most well known and normally utilized applications which exist for quite a while, you'll see the strategy that every one of them stays aware of the trends, their designs and functionality changes occasionally offering customers new, more advantageous methods for association with these apps.

Your Business has changed

If your app which used to sell products for hunting now sell only fishing gear it is time to redesign it. Sometimes, product owners add new traits to their application which is good actually, but they forget to change the design and all the changes go unrecognized. A fresh, updated design can show how you care about customers.

Slow processing

Nobody loves waiting. Most users remove an app if it makes them wait. It’s simply easier for them to find another similar product and use it rather of wasting their time on slowly working one. In case your app is used by old or middle-aged people (the category of people who don't accept changes easily) then you should leave it as it is. In case it is used by kids, teenagers, young people, business people or other socially active people, then you must update the UI of your product.

The requirements of people are changing very fast that's why we also have to update our app from time to time. It doesn't mean that you have to update or design your app every day or every month. But, what you really have to do, you have to listen to your audience. Give them all tools to contact you, rate and comment your app and they will tell you when it is time to breathe new experience into your product. If you decided to change the UI of your app, then don't waste a minute to contact Fifum, the best mobile app builder in the UK. We have the professional app design team, they work hard to make your app more unique, user-friendly and attractive. With the help of our creative and innovative mind, you can improve your online business easily as we take care of every aspect of your app.