Why You Must Have Progressive Web Apps???

19 Jul 2018
Why You Must Have Progressive Web Apps???

Every passing moment is carving a niche for the next app technology to capture it beautifully and help it to be surrounded by the strong note of likes and appreciation from the users coming all the way from the targeted turf.

In this wake, if stats have to be believed then

197 billion mobile apps have been downloaded till the end of 2017

Surprising and fascinating at the same time

And this number reaches to more with the mid-of 2018 with the introduction of new technologies, which are gaining the recognition from the users in abundance.

To carry this legacy further, today we are going to talk about the progressive web apps or the PWA, as called fondly in the tech-world

I know, every platform holds its own worth, but apparently, PWAs have opened a new door of opportunities for the businesses, which consequently has led them to pick this app genre more frequently than ever before.

But what actually these apps hold in their pocket for the users, which entice them to fall for them???

Hmm, do you think that is a technical mystery???

Well, not anymore, since a leading mobile app development agency in UK is all here to help you comprehend the worth of PWAs effortlessly.

Hence pack your tech goggles, and let’s get on a ride with us, to unleash the magical beans of progressive web apps…

What Exactly Progressive Web Apps Are???

Calling the progressive web apps the impeccable fusion of the web and the best of native applications is not at all wrong. With these apps, users do not require any installation and these apps proved the fastest performance which helps in generating the best possible app conversation rate.

  • Allows The Full-Fledged Native App Experience

Do I need to tell the worth of native apps???

Well, native apps are the pool of benefits for the app users and offer the huge list of befits such as:

  • Maximum design options
  • Optimization of hardware and operating system
  • Impeccable App Performance
  • More control over the device’s size, resolution and orientation and much more.

This same number of benefits can be easily accessed by the PWAs as well, without being puzzled about the non-supportive devices.

  • Low Data Consumption

The data hogging ability of different app platforms is nothing new to be discussed here, and being a mobile app developer you can fathom this much better than anyone else.

Unfortunately, the data consumption has always been a concern to be noticed and work-upon from many developers, while proceeding with the app development journey.

You would be surprised to know that PWAs prefer to hog the least data compared to other traditional app development platforms.

This indeed is a blessing for the areas, where the data excess is limited or is expensive even.

In fact, PWAs don’t require any significant storage on the device either. This frees up space for the user and contributes to better performance on their smartphones.

  • It Does Not Need Updates

What did you just mention???

Yes, you heard me correct, unlike the other apps, progressive web apps, are not favoring the app updates, which picks a larger chunk from your data.

These apps only take the updates, when there is an ‘on-use’ of a mobile app, and restricts the update process in the background or before the launch of the app even.

  • It Is Least Expensive

Believe me, this is the most impressive part of the progressive web applications; it gets developed at a much lower cost compared to other apps.

If you are a budding startup than availing the mobile apps for the Android and iOS is a hefty amount journey, but the PWAs can be developed at a lesser cost with no compromise in the functionalities.

  • These Apps Love SEO

The ASO or the SEO dosage is given to your mobile app, help it to take a premium organic ranking tour, and this very approach is complimented further with the PWA.


Let me brief…

These apps load faster and the app performance gives a boost in the app ranking.

These applications can be easily indexed while offering a seamless user experience.

  • Access Apps Offline

Worried about the low data bandwidth or no connection while accessing the mobile app???

This issue is well-sorted and addressed by the progressive web apps, where users can access these apps on the offline mode as well.

So no more worries of accessing the required information in the event of lost or no connection, because you can always access them with this new app technology.

These are the some of the benefits oozing out from this new and engaging technology, but there is much more to be explored with this technology

The future stack of the PWAs is not just bright but illuminating with the number of opportunities and considering this worth every denoted brand and the series are embracing this technology at the higher speed.

Forbes enhanced 10% visit rate, whereas Alibaba improved the conversion rate by 76% 

This stat is just coming from the popular business portals, but there are much more to be experienced with PWAs and number of industries would reap the benefits from these mobile apps.

If you have not got a PWA for your business yet, then I am sorry to say, but you are missing largely on the business revenue generation.

Then what to do???

It is simple, get in touch with Fifium- an app development company to address your app requirements from the team of experienced app developers, designers, and the marketers, who would not leave a stone unturned to make it worthy and unique for your business needs through the app solution.

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