The strategy behind your digital development with FIFIUM

Behind any successful digital development hides a specific and thorough strategy, and when you start your digital development with us, you will be able to participate in the amazing journey you go through when a project is carried out from idea to launch.

The development of apps and other digital solutions are an organic cycle that needs to be nurtured in order to grow and we have optimized the environment in which your ideas for the development of apps can root and grow. Any development of apps starts with a basic conversation about your ideas and wishes, after which we begin to map out the strategy step by step.

We prepare a project agreement that contains all the necessary information, and our designers initiate the conceptual construction and makes a draft for the development of apps.


At this stage, you meet your project manager and we go from idea to a specific plan based on market analysis, research and your wishes. It gives you a complete overview of the upcoming development process, which includes a price and schedule.


During the design phase, your brand identity is created as well as the complete UI and UX design. We design wireframes that provide a graphical overview of the project’s appearance and functionality.


The final product is being developed and your project manager keeps you updated with the progress of the project. This phase ends with a thorough test phase that prepares the launch.


The launch phase involves the technical implementation on selected platforms and the execution of a marketing plan.


The development of a digital product continues after launch, and we therefore continue to offer our service as well as ongoing updates based on user feedback, market development, etc.