Eventbooth – An evening to remember

Eventbooth supplies photo booths for weddings, parties, birthdays and many other events; A fresh input for an eventful evening, where guests' memories are made to last forever.

We have developed their website where you can book photo booths for any occasion. We have been focusing on designing a stylish website, where the booking system makes it easy to book a photo booth in just a moment.

We have enjoyed the cooperation with Kristian and the rest of the Eventbooth team, which truly supplies a unique and brilliant product for all ages. If you’re looking for a fun and ice-breaking element for your big night, we would recommend to book a photo booth at at any time.

You can explore the website by tapping the button below.

Kristian says about working with Fifium:
"It has been nice to collaborate with Fifium about our website. Fifium understood our needs and requirements immediately, which made everything easier and the website was actually finished before the agreed time, after which their design department further refined our site. Thank you for a great service!"
- Kristian, Eventbooth