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Are you looking for a specific price on your app project feel free to ask us, and we’re always up for a talk about your project and answering the question: “What does it cost to make an app?”
We’ll put together a specific offer, which provides you with an expected timeframe and price. In order for us to deliver an accurate offer, there are certain general considerations that we would like you to consider in advance.


Do you want your app to be developed for one specific platform, or should it be available for both iOS and Android and be optimized for all iPads and other tablets on the market?


When an app is build, the coding takes place in front of and behind the scenes. This is called front end and back end coding. Back end is responsible for functionality, which we never compromise upon. Front end is responsible for the appearance, which we do not recommend compromising as we want to develop stylish apps that live up to your current or new brand. In order to answer ”what does it cost to make an app”, you should consider whether your digital identity should be designed from scratch or if your existing brand is to be continued in the app.


Developing an app is comparable to building a car. The budget determines whether we can build an engine on 4 wheels, which will get you from A to B. Or a personally designed energy efficient car with alloy wheels, air conditioning, touch screen etc. On that account it’s important to consider your budget carefully so we can provide relevant options and match your needs.


The user experience needs to be thought well through, considering all possible app features. A detail such as: how the user signs up, can influence how the app is to be coded and thereby the price of it.


Does your app require a personal panel for managing users, adding new products, extracting analytical data etc.?

So what does it cost to make an app?

Every app project is unique. On that account it’s difficult to give a general answer to ”what does it cost to make an app?”. However if you go through the items above, we’ll be well dressed to provide you with an accurate price of your project.
Feel free to ask us, and let’s have a chat about your project.